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Best Movies Filmed in Missouri

Missouri is dominated by rolling hills, lush plains, expansive prairies and beautiful lakes and rivers that stretch across the state. The landscape is perfect for farming, fishing, hunting and, surprise- filming movies! Check out these hit movies that we bet you didn’t know were filmed in the one and only, show-me state. Gone Girl- Cape… Read more »

Last Minute Gift Ideas

The holiday season is here! Now the time is upon us to find the perfect gift for all those special people in our lives. But we know how hard it is to pick out presents for everyone. Everyone has different tastes, styles and needs. Plus, some of us are reluctant to create a manageable wish… Read more »

Best Weekend Getaways Near Missouri

Ever feel like you’re stuck visiting the same bars, restaurants and shopping venues each weekend? Is your inner adventurer and foodie dying to get out and see some new places? We totally understand and have a perfect solution for you. A weekend getaway. Check out this short list of some spots in good ol’ Missouri… Read more »

What are people saying about Platinum?

Decade Platinum Cigarettes offer a premium smoking experience that is second-to-none! It’s true, but if you’re not convinced yet, we’ve got some customer feedback to prove it. See for yourself… “Just want to give you KUDOS on a fine product.” – Shelley H. “I just tried your new Platinum reds and I really love the… Read more »

Missouri Summer: Places to Visit

Alright, you suffered through the blistering cold winter and the rainy spring that followed, so now we are in the most anticipated season: SUMMER! For most, now’s the time to get outside, breathe that fresh air and enjoy the warmth. But wait, where should you go visit this year? Do you visit the museums, head… Read more »

Platinum Summer on a Budget

It’s almost summertime and you know what that means; nicer weather that gives you the free time to travel and make new memories. We know what you’re thinking, exciting road trips = tossing money out the window. You should have the opportunity to have a good time without breaking the bank, so keep in mind… Read more »

Beach Day Picnic

Picture this: the sun shining, the salty sea air fills your nostrils, the sounds of people talking and seagulls squawking buzz around you, and out of nowhere (to ruin your perfect beach moment), your stomach growls. Now food is all you can think about (those sand crabs are looking awfully tasty right about now). Do… Read more »

Road Trip Packing List

You’ve got your road trip planned out and now it’s time to get packin’! I don’t know about you, but forgetting something you need sets a negative tone for the whole trip. It’s make it or break it people! Here’s a helpful list to get you started off on the right foot: First things first…… Read more »

Road Trip Stops in Missouri

Did you know that each state has a nickname? Florida is the sunshine state, Kansas is the sunflower state and Maine is the pine tree state just to name a few. Though there’s many stories and legends as to how Missouri was named the “Show Me State,” we at Decade Platinum think it’s because Missouri… Read more »

Missouri Fall Activities

Whether you are a born and raised Missourian or just someone passing through during the peak autumn season, there’s so much to do in Missouri that you don’t want to miss out on. We at Decade Platinum have made a short list of some of our fall favorites to enjoy in The Show-Me State. If… Read more »