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Why Choose Platinum?

Decade Platinum Cigarettes are brand new and you’re probably wondering why you would choose Platinum over your current brand. Well we’re here to help you make the (right) decision with this one! Here’s just a few reasons why you should Go Platinum. Premium Blend. Our expert crafted blend of Flue-Cured, Burley and Oriental tobaccos are… Read more »

Our Top Multi-Platinum Artists

Platinum Artist

Before the time of streaming music and digital downloads, artists could determine the success of their albums by how many were sold and the status that it gave them. If an artist sold a million or more physical copies of their album, it was then considered a platinum album. The first platinum certification to be… Read more »

Great Missouri Cities to Visit

St Louis Missouri

Decade Platinum Cigarettes are breaking ground in Missouri and we love this state! Here’s some of our favorite cities to visit in The Show Me State. This list by no means includes all of our favorites, but just a few! St. Louis. There is so much this amazing city has to offer. You can’t go… Read more »